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Rocks & Gravel


Rocks and Gravel grew out of Smoke Blues Band. Richard Cordray remained on vocals with Pete Brandt on harp and vocals.
Gary Soeffker assumed full time guitar duties. John Ause took over drums. While John Miller remained on bass, his untimely death
from cancer led to Bob Sorenson becoming the bass player in the final iteration of Rocks and Gravel.
The band gigged from about May 1971 until about February 1972.

Rocks and Gravel


Rocks and Gravel Blind Mule Poster

Rev. Willis recorded the final set from the above gig. Everyone was quite drunk and the recording gear was still crude,
but this is a fun musical experence anyway. The set as a complete MP3 file can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.

For even more Rocks and Gravel thrills, Rev. Willis has mastered the Brandt demo tapes of the group
recorded in the back room of the old Cosmic Aeroplane on West South Temple. The transfer was from
reel to reel to cassette to digital. Azip file of theMP3 tunes can be downloaded for your listening pleasure.

Hey, these guys were really good!

Early Rocks and Gravel with John Miller on Bass

The Railroad Exchange was a popular venue for
Rocks and Gravel

Rocks & Gravel Pic

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