Rev. Willis Weddings

Rev. Willis is available to perform weddings in the Utah area. I will also travel anywhere for expenses. I perform non-traditional weddings where the participants desire a ritual ceremony without all the church-style religious baggage and want to avoid all the formal trappings and the related expenses of the usual wedding ceremony. I've performed weddings for over 20 years and have traveled to the mountains, to the desert, family backyards, anywhere two people desire to bond themselves as one viable family unit. I usually conduct the ceremony with a long-standing band of merry musicians who provide appropriate accompanying music. The ceremony is usually brief, poignant, and flexible to allow the participants to add whatever elements they feel appropriate. My weddings are legal, when a formal wedding license is obtained (a marriage license can be obtained from the Salt Lake County offices at 2001 S. State in SLC; please call 801-468-3425 for a comprehensive message). I appreciate a competitive scaled donation for performing the ceremony. I use weddings as a fund raiser to support numerous music concerts of lesser known but highly talented artists. If you are considering marriage and are interested in my ceremonies, please contact me at: