Current Recording Setup
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Avenson STO-2 Mics w/Jecklin Disk or Shure VP-88 M-S Mic >
Demeter HX Tube Mic Pre>MIO 2882+DSP Firewire Interface>MacBook Pro>
MIO Recording Console>Editing in Peak 7 w/Ozone 4
(I also use a Shure VP-88 M-S Mike with a SoundDevices 702 Flash Recorder)

Jecklin Disks Made by Rolly
Thin Acrylic Disk, 3/4" Foam Each Side, Fleece Cover
Light But Rigid, Easily Attached with Common Mic Clip
Disks Currently Available for $50
For Purchase Info Email swclow@


Studio 3004
(Studio 13 now under construction)

CDs Produced from My Recordings
CDs I've Produced

Now Available: Charles Bukowski from the Underwater Poetry Festival

Purchase From CDBaby

Purchase From CDBaby


I've also made quite a few live recordings, mostly of surf music and jazz.
My recordings of the great Japanese surf band, the Surf Coasters (and the stunning guitarist Shigeo Naka) are available on
Recordings of the Mermen and other significant surf music groups are not available at this time.
Some recordings of excellent jazz groups are available at

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