So I ask if I can take a picture and Ralph says...yeah, but why don't you get one of Steve Vai's setup? Well...I will if the opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, pedalboard setups of the poor and obscure...Click on the thumbnail to get the big picture.
Ralph Mason
Ralph Mason of the SLC creative ensemble Nova Paradiso--2002
Nels Cline
Nels Cline at Kilby Court--2002
Nels Cline Drawing
Nel's web site has this attempted description...
Jim Thomas Mermen
Jim Thomas of the Mermen, Santa Monica Pier, 1996,
and the Ernie Ball market...
Jim Thomas Mermen II

By 2001, Jim had moved everything into a rack,
with several more racks of stuff back in his studio...

Jim Thomas Mermen III
And in July, 2002, Jim Thomas has "simplified"
Bill Kirchen
Bill Kirchen's modest setup supporting his Telecaster
Ferenc Pollo del Mar
Ference from Pollo del Mar
and his homemade board
Roger Rocha
Roger Rocha's setup for Shig & Buzz
Jennifer Burnes Mermen
Jennifer Burnes, bassist of the Mermen,
and her setup
Kenji Aihara
Jazz guitarist Kenji Aihara
Too Slim and the Taildraggers
(big on Reverend gear)
Gentry Densley's small set