Much of the information for this site came from several articles by Australian musicologist Stephen McPartland published in his California Music Magazine (issues from 1988-1993). For more info on this great magazine, email Steve at:
More info on Stephen's publications can be found at: www.garyusher,com/cmusic.html
And big thanks to Ivan Pongracic. number one fan of the Shadows and the Atlantics, for his help with this site. Ivan is one hell of a guitarist, and his group, the Space Cossacks, have produced the best CD of music this decade, influenced greatly by the sounds of the Atlantics. Check out their web site at:
Also, thanks to the Cowabunga mail list. A great bunch of folks (Fenderthals and Mermenites all) and the source of much musical knowledge and inspiration. Check 'em out at
For more information about surf/instro music, a good place to start is:
And, of course, the newly reformed Atlantics now have their own web site at Check it out!

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