Original Issues

The Atlantics issued four albums during their career:
* Bombora, CBS BP 233066, Oct. 1963
* Now It's Stompin' Time, CBS BP233086, Dec. 1963
* The Explosive Sounds of the Atlantics, CBS BP233103, Apr. 1964
* The Atlantic's Greatest Hits, CBS BP233190, May 1965

Two major collections of Atlantics material were issued on Canetoad Records. One contained the CBS singles, the other was a collection of vocal material featuring the Atlantics as the backing band.
* The Atlantics with Johnny Rebb on Vocals, Canetoad CD-003
* The CBS Singles Collection, Canetoad LP-004
Currently, Canetoad has three CD collections available:
* The Complete CBS Recordings, Vol. 1 CD004 (25 tracks)
* The Complete CBS Recordings, Vol. 2 CD005 (25 tracks)
* The Legendary JRA/Ramrod Sessions CD003 (20 tracks)
* (this is the later material issued under various artists names)

Canetoad can be contacted at:
PO Box 1039, Potts Point, NSW,2011, Australia

In 1992, Repertoire Records, under license from Sony Music Entertainment (CBS) issued two CDs collecting the music from the three original Atlantics albums. Using the extra recording capacity of the CD format, the Bombora material was split between:
* The Explosive Sound of the Atlantics, REP 4123-WY
* Now It's Stompin' Time, REP 4129-WY
These releases contain the original album cover art and extensive notes on the group. The Repertoire issues are still available; however they are difficult to find.
There is also an Australian double CD set that can be found through Midnight Records:
* The Complete CBS Recordings, CTCD-004/5
(This seems to be a version of the current Canetoad releases.)
Go Boy records often has Atlantics CDs in stock. Email: GoBoyNo1@aol.com or call 310-316-1957. This is a great record store in Redondo Beach, California...fine folks to deal with.
Also, Doublecrown Records now carries the Atlantics CD, along with a lot of other great surf/instro releases.

Also, of course, check the official Atlantics web site at: www.theatlantics.com